Welcome to Vortek Aviation, your one stop avionics shop specializing in service, repair, and custom installations.

Vortek AviationPrior to founding Vortek Aviation, our management team had decades of experience as owner/operators of a wide variety of aircraft on both the personal and corporate level. That experience allows us to better understand the needs and concerns of our clients.

As our General Manager and Director of Avionics, Rick Santiesteban likes to say, "In aviation, downtime means you are either losing money or losing fun!" With that in mind, Rick developed and implemented a quote/estimate process that is leading the avionics industry.

Vortek Aviation is pleased to provide our clients with our No Surprise Proposal. What exactly is a No Surprise Proposal and how does it work? Well, quite literally the name speaks for itself. Here is how it works:

After an information gathering process to learn very specifically what our clients are trying to accomplish, Vortek provides a detailed quote that covers everything from parts and labor to engineering. If we quote 50 hours of labor and it takes us 70 hours, the client only pays the 50 hours. The prices quoted for parts are exactly what you pay. When your aircraft is completed and the final invoice is generated, there are No Surprises. It is really as simple as that.

So is there any fine print? No, there is no fine print but there is one simple caveat. If the client wants to change the scope of work and it is a departure from what was originally quoted, Vortek will prepare another No Surprise Proposal for the client to authorize the change in work scope.

Our business success is predicated on one basic fundamental, client relationships based on trust. The No Surprise Proposal is just one of the ways that our clients can feel confident that their experience with Vortek will exceed their expectations. We strive to minimize downtime and develop solutions that address our clients budgetary parameters.

Call Rick today to discuss your avionics needs and get more information on our industry leading No Surprise Proposal!

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